Investment Bank – Consolidation of Global Services to leverage a ‘Follow-the-Sun’ operating model

This top tier investment bank was operating a global support function as three semi-autonomous entities. Communication between regions was adequate, however, each region had its own processes ad accountability for service was apportioned to regional managers. Consequently, service levels (MTTR (Mean Time To Repair),availibility, capacity/change management) and cost for the global business units varied by region.

A review of the end-to-end Service Management and Service Support organisation and processes concluded that a centralised support facility supplemented by a region follow-the-sun support presence was the most optimal structure for the team. A review of processes concluded that alignment with ITIL best practices would bring the consistent approach required to deliver a significant improvement in service to the business whilst allowing re-distribution of work across the global team, leveraging on-site presence and niche skills round the clock.

The culmination ofthe exercise was a significant improvement in service levels experienced by the business units, drastically reduced MTTR, a 50% reduction of support headcount allowing for re-deployment of resources and >50% reduction in operating costs for the support group globally, equating to in excess of $5m pa saved.