You know your business
You know your business, equally we know ours. Our goal is to leverage our skills, experience and knowledge to your benefit, “Lifting business process and design to its maximum potential on a foundation of leading technologies using honed experience”. We are offering the chance to lift the bonnet on your business with the objective of finding out what steps could be taken and why you’d want to take them to improve the health of your business.

The business health check is a means to find out if we are needed. After you’ve got the health check report it will be down to you to decide if you’d like us to help or not.

How does it work? We will parachute in for the day and run through a check list. If we spot any easy fixes we will suggest them there and then, but we will also follow up our visit with a report and a chat. That’s it.

To be clear, this is not an audit. It’s a high-level SWOT analysis.

The sort of things we will look at? 40 different aspects over all, across the main business functions Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Finance, HR, Strategic Direction.

For example…

Sales and Marketing

  • How effective is market penetration?
  • Any chinks in the marketing flow?
  • Site analytics all set up?

Information Technology

  • Is there a viable continuity plan to cater for loss of critical IT resources?
  • Does IT deliver what the business actually needs?
  • Is the IT strategy dynamic enough to flex with changing business requirements?


  • How much separation and control is there between an invoice and a payment?
  • Is the liquidity ratio healthy?


  • Do key individuals have a non-competition clause in their contracts?
  • Are there intelectual property clauses in employment contracts, safeguarding development that your company has financed?

Strategic direction

  • Objectives, are they SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound)?
  • What shape are the KPIs in and do they correlate with strategic direction?

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